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Thirteen protesters stand around a petition shaped like a dove. They are holding flags with peace symbols on them.

Four-Day Peace Gathering In Castle Park

A four-day Peace Gathering last weekend brought peace activists from across the south west together in Castle Park peace grove to network, learn, and deliver a petition to Mayor Marvin Rees.  The Gathering, organised by

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Touring Peace Symbol Brightens Bristol

A 5-metre-high “ban the bomb” symbol toured famous Bristol locations including the harbourside, Clifton Suspension Bridge, North Street and King Street over the weekend (July 31 to August 1).  The stunt was organized by Bristol

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign outside Sports Direct.

Quick Thinking Saves #BoycottPuma Demo

Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) gathered outside Sports Direct in Broadmead yesterday (July 10) as part of a national day of action against sports apparel brand Puma.  The demo was billed as a joint event

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