Banner hangs from an ornate building, reading "one Struggle One Fight Climate Justice = Workers Rights"

Daring Banner Drop Highlights University Climate Crisis Inaction

A climate activist scaled the outside of the Wills Memorial Building yesterday to unveil a banner calling for climate justice.  The activist, a second year geography student at the university, climbed onto the top of the arched entrance to the university’s flagship building and dropped the banner which read “One Struggle One Fight Climate Justice = Workers Rights”. He climbed without equipment approximately six metres … Continue reading Daring Banner Drop Highlights University Climate Crisis Inaction

Two people stand surrounded by others on the floor pretending to be dead.

Youth Die-in Targets Airport

Resistance to Bristol Airport expansion continues as 30 youth activists stage a die-in inside the terminal building this afternoon.  At 12.30 today (Saturday, March 5) XR Youth activists entered the terminal building having arrived by bus and proceeded to lie on the ground covered in white sheets as three more activists walked amongst them wearing hazmat suits.  One activist spoke through a megaphone about the … Continue reading Youth Die-in Targets Airport

the word "GReenwashed" is spray painted on a red brick wall.

XR Youth Greenwash Action Targets University

Last Wednesday evening, under cover of darkness, an XR Youth activist spray painted the word “Greenwashed” on the wall of Senate House, the University of Bristol’s administration building, just metres away from the headquarters of University security, In a statement, XR Youth Bristol explained that they carried out the action (on January 26) to challenge Bristol University’s acceptance of money for research and consultancy from … Continue reading XR Youth Greenwash Action Targets University

Am activist lies on the floor as if dead whilst in the background a banner days "Barclays Banking on out Extinction".

XR Performance Closes Barclays

Barclays in Broadmead was forced to close this morning as activists from XR Bristol and XY Youth staged a performance targeting the bank, which is Europe’s largest funder of fossil fuels.   At 10am today (October 29) around 25 activists and stewards gathered outside the Broadmead branch for a die-in and performance to remember the victims of climate breakdown and the continuing destruction of many … Continue reading XR Performance Closes Barclays