Billboard shows a pair of glasses superimposed on an image of a beach. Around the glasses the beach is covered in plastic waste; through the lenses of the glasses the beach is pristine.

Campaign Launched to Fight Climate Hypocrisy

Targeting businesses and government for climate hypocrisy, XR Bristol yesterday launched their latest campaign, Greenwash-free Bristol.  The campaign, whose name refers to the practice of businesses and governments portraying themselves as caring for the planet whilst knowingly destroying it uses billboard advertisements, performances and other actions to expose those organisations which XR claim are the worst greenwashing offenders in the city. Dr Claire Gronow, a … Continue reading Campaign Launched to Fight Climate Hypocrisy

A billboard can be seen above a roadway. It is approx. 10 meters wide and 4 high.

The Fight to End Corporate Advertising in Bristol

Everyday, tens of thousands of motorists – workers, shoppers, tourists – arrive into Bristol via the M32. Towering over the roadway to greet them are two illuminated billboards, bathing all that pass in the artificial light of 24-hour rolling advertisements.  These M32 billboards have stood for almost five years. If a new community campaign is successful, they could soon be removed.   It feels like a … Continue reading The Fight to End Corporate Advertising in Bristol

Guerrilla Billboards Target Barclays

Billboards across Bristol were hijacked last week with posters criticising Barclays Bank.  The new posters were installed in three locations by international artist collective Brandalism, who are known for using subvertising to challenge corporate power, including a similar action in Bristol last year.  The guerrilla billboards all target Barclays Bank for their continued investments in fossil fuels, which includes fracking and coal. Barclays is the … Continue reading Guerrilla Billboards Target Barclays