What is The Bristol Activist?

TBA is a news site covering progressive protest, activism and resistance in Bristol. It has sections for current events and features, interviews and analysis, and background resources.

By bringing together stories from all groups and causes, and by spanning across past and present, TBA aims to creates a living archive of activist knowledge and experience for other activists to learn from and be inspired by.

Read more about the values TBA holds here.

What kind of stories does TBA cover?

TBA creates a space for those activities that mainstream media would not consider newsworthy. This could be small protests, banner drops, fly-postering, online campaigns, letter writing campaigns… anything and everything. As long as your cause is progressive and you consider it an act of protest, then it has a place on TBA.

No story is too small that there is nothing to be learned from it or that it can’t inspire others to act.

Who is behind TBA?

TBA was created by me, James Ward. I am an activist and citizen journalist living in Bristol. Before starting TBA I was an organiser for Extinction Rebellion Bristol for just under 2 years. I am motivated to act by the reality that so much of the injustice in the world is the result of choices made by those in power. These choices could be unmade or made differently, and the fact that they aren’t makes me mad as hell.

Why now?

This is a pivotal year for protest, activism and resistance. The pandemic, headline conversations about racial and social justice, COP26, and the PCSC Bill all provide focal points for action.

Together, 2021 could be a make or break year for many causes. We will not succeed unless we work together. It is my hope that TBA can contribute in some small way to generating the interactions we need between movements to have a chance of winning.

Can I get involved?

Yes! If you know of protest, activism or resistance in Bristol then let me know and I will do my best to be there and to write about them.

Or, if you’d prefer to tell your story in your own words, then we can work together to make that happen. Anyone is welcome to contribute to TBA.

Or, if you want to help out running TBA as a volunteer, again just let me know.

You can contact TBA here or via email: thebristolactivist@protonmail.com.