A large group of naked cyclists ride along a road towards the camera.

In photos: World Naked Bike Ride returns to Bristol

The annual World Naked Bike Ride returned to Bristol on Sunday with it aim of raising awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists and non-motorist road users.

This year’s ride was also intended as a protest against fossil fuel dependency and to demand batter provision for cyclists.

Over two and a half hours, around 60 cyclists, in various degrees of nudity according to the rule “bare what you dare”, cycled a route from the Full Moon pub in Stokes Croft, through the city centre to Anchor Road and back again.

Images: Wong Yat Him

A man has the words "See Me" painted on his back.
Naked cyclists pass en masse along a road. A man at the front is waving to the camera.
A bike with a small placard attached to the handlebars which reads "Protest. Cyclists are vulnerable"
A person has the words "ban cars" painted on their back.

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