Protesters walk in the road carrying a banner reading: Kill The Bill Protect our Human Rights.

Kill The Bill anniversary protest announced

A protest has been announced on the anniversary of the first Kill The Bill protest in Bristol, which took place on March 21, 2021.

On that day, police violence escalated a peaceful protest into a riot as protesters fought back against police brutality that left dozens of protesters injured.

Since then, 34 people have been arrested and charged with offences ranging from violent disorder to arson to riot.

The protest, on March 21, 2023, will take place in Bristol Bearpit (St James Barton) from 5.30pm.

A flyer circulated on social media said:

‘On the Tuesday 21st March 2023 we will hold a demonstration in front of Bridewell police station against the violence of the police and the British State.

’34 people, mostly young, have been imprisoned for over a total of 100 years for the uprising that took place on this day 2 years ago. An uprising that was self defense against the brutality of the police towards demonstrators and in response to the rape and murder of Sarah Everard and the PCSC Bill.

‘In those two years we have seen the police continue to brutalise and murder young black men, refugees have been left to die in the channel, we have seen suicides and murders at the hands of the prisons, the inherent and vile misogyny and racism of the police has been openly exposed and we have seen increasingly repressive legislation against protest and the organisation of working people.

‘The police and prison system continues to attack and disappear the already most marginalised and oppressed areas of society.

‘At the same time the state protects and furthers a system of systematic poverty. It protects the wealthiest and most powerful who live as they please off of our backs whilst one step out of line puts us in prison. The state punishes those who are the victims of its policies.

‘We want to come together on this day to show who’s side we are on, to show our solidarity with the Kill The Bill prisoners and their families and all people brutalised by the British State and its institutions of repression.

‘We will hear from those affected and those involved in organizing resistance.’

Kill the Bill protests took place in Bristol and across the UK throughout 2021 in opposition to the government’s proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill, which passed into law in June 2022.

A poster reads "Stand against state violence"
Bristol Kill the Bill 21/02/23

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