A trans pride flag has an image of a crocodile above the words "fuck around and find out"

Trans Pride 2022, in photos

Trans Pride returned on Saturday for the seventh year.

Bristol’s streets were filled with pink, white and blue as trans pride flags were flown and messages of support, solidarity and defiance shared by the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

Organised by Trans Pride South West, the day began on College Green where members of Bristol’s Green group of councillors spoke, as they have in previous years.

The crowd then marched through the city centre, ending in Broadmead.

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Images: Wong Yat Him @fw.photohk

A placard reads "Trans people are not a threat, transphobia is"
Placard reads "Your existence enriches this world"
Placards at the march tell of the issues facing trans people, as well as the love and hopefulness of the movement.
Photo over someone's shoulder as they write a placard reading "Trans people exist! Abolish Conversion Therapy"
Conversion therapy refers to practises that attempt to “cure” trans people. It can include talking therapy, but also medication and even ritual beatings.
A large number of people march down a street towards the photographer.
Demonstrators march down Union Street in Broadmead to their final destination outside Primark. Image: Wong Yat Him.
Two people hold a banner that reads "Trans Pride South West Celebrating Gender Diversity"
A crowd stands on grass. Many people hold placards.
Saturday began on College Green before the crowd marched through the city.
Four people hold hands and rest on each other's shoulders.
A person holds a placard reading "FFLAG supporting LGBT loved ones with pride"
FFLAG, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays, is a charity for family and friends of LGBTQ+ people.
A placard raised above the heads of a crowd reads "I love my trans child"

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