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XR target Barclays in national action

A man holds a banner reading "Barclays are the biggest funder of fossil fuels in Europe."

A protester outside Barclays. Image: Silverbirch.

Activists staged a sit-in protest at Barclays, Broadmead today (November 14) as part of a UK-wide series of action against the bank. 

Two activists sat inside the branch and spoke to customers about Barclays, which us Europe’s largest financier of fossil fuels, having invested £150bn in coal, oil and gas since the 2015 Paris Agreement. 

They later delivered a letter to the branch manager asking for the bank to drop funding for fossil fuels across its entire operation. Similar letter were delivered in 110 branches across the UK.

Listen to what one of the activists had to say here: 

Earlier in the day a choir gathered outside Barclays with banners calling out the bank and speaking to members of the public. 

Over the weekend the groups hijacked two billboards in St Werburghs with messaging against Barclays.

A protester inside the branch. Image: James Ward.
Billboards in St Werburghs were taken over by activists.

XR have targeted Barclays to draw attention to the harm caused by the bank as a result of its ongoing investment in fossil fuel extraction and encourage its customers to switch to a more ethical bank.

Local campaigner Richard Baxter said: ‘I am terrified of what is happening to the world as a result of climate change, but so many people I speak to feel powerless to act, wondering what they could possibly do in the face of inaction by our leaders.  

‘Well, there are simple things that everyone can do to take back their power.  Barclays Bank is using their customer’s money, your money, to invest in fossil fuel extraction around the world.  

‘This needs to stop right now.  So, if you bank with Barclays you can do your bit to combat climate change through simply switching to a more ethical bank.’ 

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