A man in a red t-shirt is seen from behind. Facing him is a crowd who are applauding.

In photos: Enough is Enough rally and march

On Saturday, October 1, upwards of 1,500 people march in Bristol as part of a national day of action organised by cost of living campaign Enough is Enough.

The march stopped outside the offices of Ovo energy to vent some frustration companies that have taken so much from people this year in the form of rising bills, even as their own profits multiply.

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Protesters then passed by the RMT and Aslef picket line outside Temple Meads before crossing the river to join the CWU on strike outside a post office delivery office.

Protesters came for different reasons. Some were angry about housing, others energy prices, and others still the climate. The cost of living crisis has united them all in shared anger against a political and economic system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

As the day came to an end, the question on many people’s mind was: what happens next? Enough is Enough, and energy campaign Don’t Pay, have captured the national mood, but many want to see more action and fear the nascent movement could fizzle out before it really begins.

Andy Hartup @andy.hartup
Rob J Browne

A man in a red t-shirt is seen from behind. Facing him is a crowd who are applauding.
Acorn’s Aidan Cassidy whips up the crowd at the rally. Image: Rob J Browne.
A crowd seen from behind. One person holds a placard reading "Make landlords pay gas bills"
Protesters march towards the RMT picket line. Image: Rob J Browne.
A woman holds a large placard reading "14.5 million people living in poverty. Yes, I am fucking angry"
Protesters are angry, feeling they are being made to pay for a crisis that is not of their making.
A large crowd of people outside a glass-fronted office building. the crowd are climbing the rails outside the building.
The Ovo Energy offices came under fire as protesters vented their energy against energy firms. Image: Andy Hartup.
A person holds a placard that reads "Radical change now"
The Enough is Enough campaign has several demands, but at its heart is a desire for a different kind of society. Image: Andy Hartup.
A woman in a crowd holds a placard reading "Tax the Rich"
Around 1,500 people joined the march. Image: Rob J Browne.
A protester dressed a the grim reaper holds a mock scythe attached to which is a banner reading "Deadly serious about living wages"
As always, there were creative costumes and placards, like this grim reaper. Image: Rob J Browne.
A woman holds a placard reading "First the wreck our climate, now they rob us while we freeze. Windfall tax big energy."
The cost of living crisis is deeply connected to the climate and ecological crisis. Image: Rob J Browne.

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