8 people, some holding Palestinian flags, stand outside a Sports Direct shop. The words "Sports Direct" are directly above them on the exterior of the shop.

#BoycottPuma demo: in pictures

Campaigners from Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign were joined by footballers from the Easton Cowfolk to protest against the sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association by sports apparel brand Puma. 

The demo, outside Sports Direct in Broadmead, aimed to raise awareness of how the IFA hosts football matches on occupied Palestinian territories and to call on Puma to drop its sponsorship, as rival Adidas did in 2018. 

Members of the Easton Cowfolk brought a football and started a kick about, which attracted several passers-by to join in as others took flyers and read information boards put up by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

Today’s (September 10) action coincides with protests across the country outside Puma outlets and stockists and follows similar demos in Bristol over the last 12 months. 

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Three people in football shirts pass a football between each other. In the backgound is
Members of the Easton Cowfolk get the kick about underway. Image: James Ward.
a young boy kicks a football to a woman in a red, white and green football shirt. She is smiling.
Image: James Ward.
A man in a white football shirt prepares to receive a football, kicked to him by a young boy nearby.
The football brought people young and old to join the demonstrators. Image: James Ward.
A poster reads "Boycott Puma. Proud Sponsors of Israeli Apartheid". It is taped to a phone box.
A poster for the #BoycottPuma campaign. Image: James Ward.

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