Placard reads "Free the Bristol prisoners"

Watch Bristol’s latest Kill The Bill protest

Dozens took to the streets for Bristol’s first Kill The Bill protest in seven months, demanding justice for those imprisoned and awaiting trial for their role in the March 21, 2021 riot.

Nineteen people have now been sentenced following the events of last March, in which protesters clashed with police outside Bridewell police station in defiance of the proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (now Act).

Unarmed protesters were set upon by police armed with batons, shields, pepper spray and, later in the day, attack dogs. Police claims of injuries were later proven to be false and were withdrawn.

Saturday’s protesters drew attention to the alleged injustice of the sentencings, noting the rarity of the riot charges that many Kill The Bill prisoners were charged with, and the fact that Avon & Somerset Police have never faced questioning for their behaviour during the Kill The Bill protests of last year.

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