Two people hug and smile to the camera

In Photos: Bristol Pride 2022

Bristol Pride returned to the streets on Saturday (July 7) after a two-year break due to the pandemic. 

The parade outdid expectations in its vibrancy and positive energy. Tens of thousands of people walked a route across the city centre from Castle Park to Lloyds Amphitheatre. 

There was a moment of confrontation when the main column approached Anchor Road and found its path blocked by a group of protesters bearing trans rights and anti-capitalist messaging. Pride has been criticised in recent years for becoming overly commercialised and for giving a platform to corporations to pinkwash themselves.

After the protesters cleared the road the column continued, finishing at the Harbourside from where shuttle buses ran people to the festival on the Downs.

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Images by
Andy Hartup @andy.hartup
Ben Piper @benrpiperphotos
Kamui Oshino @kamuioshino

A placard reads: I am not indecisive, greedy, invalid, a phase"
Image: Andy Hartup.
Two people face the camera and smile. They are dressed in rainbow attire.
Image: Kamui Oshino.
People in a crowd at Pride.
Image: Andy Hartup..
People block a road. A banner reads "trans rights now" and another reads "Queer liberation not rainbow capitalism "
Image: Andy Hartup.
A person wears a pride flag as a cape
Image: Andy Hartup.
A woman paints the words "Love is Power" on a large poster outdoors.
Image: Ben Piper.
Pride attendees hold placards written in mandarin.
Image: Kamui Oshino.
A woman wearing a t-short that reads "Never kissed a Tory"
Image: Ben Piper.
A placard reads "I'm a slut for workers rights"
Image: Andy Hartup.

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