A billboard shows Dan Norris and the words: "Dan Norris promised to bring "public transport for the 21st Century. What happened? Demand better from WECA"

Free and fair buses campaign continues

XR Youth keep public transport on the agenda as they continue to fight for better buses across the region.

Having launched their Free and Fair Buses campaign in style earlier this month by hanging banners from the M-Shed cranes, XR Youth continue their subversive streak by hijacking a billboard in Easton.

A small group posted a billboard in Easton showing West of England metro mayor Dan Norris alongside Norris’s pre-election election promise to bring “public transport into the 21st Century.”

XR Youth are calling for free travel within the West of England (including North Somerset) for all those under the age of 25, all students, and all apprentices, and for a consultation and a public forum to be run to identify improvements to bus routes that would best serve communities.

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At an XR protest in Keynsham earlier this month, Norris expressed his support for activists campaigning on climate issues, saying: ‘I would not be critical of anybody for getting involved or for getting active.’

He went on to say: ‘I have a great deal of respect for people who give time and effort for whatever they believe in, but particularly [the climate crisis] because I do believe it’s so important.’

What Norris thinks of XR Youth’s latest stunt remains to be seen.

Two young people stand with arms raised next to a billboard that shows Dan Norris
Youth activists pose next to the hijacked billboard. Image: Silverbirch.

Feature image: Silverbirch.

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