Six young people carry a banner at a climate march.

Bristol Joins Global Climate Strike

Bristol climate strikers will take to the streets this Friday (March 25) in opposition to Bristol Airport expansion. 

Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate (BYS4C) have organised a rally on College Green from 11am followed by a march around the city centre, marking Global Climate Strike Day and continuing a run of protests this year against the deeply unpopular decision to expand Bristol Airport. 

Speaking of the group’s reasons for focusing on airport expansion, BYS4C activist Torin Menzies said: ‘For the sake of our communities and our futures, Bristol Airport expansion cannot be allowed to go ahead. We need to rapidly decarbonise to fight the climate crisis, not emitting more than ever before. 

‘Bristol Airport expansion will further worsen the lives of those living near it through air and noise pollution, whilst emitting an extra million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

‘As young people, it is our futures which are the most at risk here – that is why we are calling for everyone to stand behind us and oppose Airport expansion.’

Bristol Airport was given permission to expand from 10mn passengers to 12mn passengers per year by government planning inspectors in February. The decision, which negates that of North Somerset Council, has been panned by campaigners, activists, politicians and residents. In a public consultation, 84% of residents across the south-west objected to expansion. 

At a rally in March, West of England metro mayor Dan Norris said that expansion would “drive a coach and horses” through the region’s net zero plans, and called for the inspectors’ decision to be overturned. 

Earlier this month, activists from XR Youth staged a die-in inside the terminal building, whilst XR disrupted a conference sponsored by Bristol Airport with protest drumming. 

Two people stand surrounded by others on the floor pretneding to be dead.
XR Youth stage a die-in inside Bristol Airport on March 3. Image: Simon Holliday.

Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) who led opposition to the expansion since 2019 have this week announced they will launch a judicial review of the inspectors’ decision, whereby High Court judges might overturn the decision. 

Members of BAAN are scheduled to speak at the Climate Strike rally on Friday. They are joined by speakers from BYS4C, clean air campaign Our Air Our City, and residents of North Somerset. 

Friday’s protest comes as part of Global Climate Strike Day on which climate activists around the world walk out of school and work to protest against the climate crisis. 

A large crowd of young people. At their front is a banner reading "Stop Airport Expansion"
Previous Youth Strikes have brought large numbers to the streets. Image: BYS4C.

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