A Palestinian flag drawn in chalk on the pavement.

Broadmead Demo Targets Puma

A protest will take place outside Sports Direct in Broadmead today as part of a national day of action against sports apparel brand Puma.

Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will gather outside Sports Direct from 2pm (September 18) for a demo, flyering, and a game of football.

The #BoycottPuma campaign targets Puma for its sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association (IFA), which includes football teams that are based in illegal settlements and hosts matches on Palestinian land.

Helen Green, a Palestine campaigner from Horfield said: ‘Discrimination is not compatible with sport – just as with the protests and boycotts against Apartheid in South Africa, we are against Puma’s sponsorship of the IFA which undermines the ethos of sport and fairness.’

This is not the first such demo from Bristol PSC. A similar action in July drew crowds with colourful pavement chalking.

Puma is the only international sponsor of the IFA and critics accuse the company of being complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Long-time rival Adidas ended their sponsorship of the IFA in 2018. 

Palestine Solidarity Campaign outside Sports Direct.
A #BoycottPuma demo in July. Image: James Ward.

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