Image from youth strike with Greta Thunberg. Greta stands in the centre with young activists either side. They are holding a long green banner saying "Skolstrekt For Climatet"

Bristol Youth Strike to Return for First Demonstration Since Pandemic

Youth Strike 4 Climate returns to Bristol this month to protest the lack of progress by Bristol City Council in tackling the climate and ecological crisis. 

Organisers of the strike, Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate (BYS4C), are particularly concerned about Bristol Airport expansion and delays to improvements in air quality. They also include the fight for climate justice as a key theme. 

This is the 11th Youth Strike from BYS4C since they began in February 2019, and the first since the pandemic began. Organisers say they are looking forward to returning to in-person protest but do not yet know whether the group will pursue regular strikes as was the pattern in early 2019. 

BYS4C activist Torin, 16, said: ‘It is vital that we keep up the pressure on politicians, locally, nationally, and globally, to act on the climate and ecological crisis. 

‘Almost no progress has been made since we last went on strike in February 2020, so we are again fighting for our futures. We are still trying to stop airport expansion, still campaigning for clean air, and most importantly still fighting for social, racial, and climate justice across the world.’ 

It was at a Youth Strike in February 2019 that Greta Thunberg drew crowds of thousands to march in central Bristol. Thunberg praised North Somerset Council’s decision to refuse airport expansion plans. The threat of expansion still hangs over Bristol as the airport pushes through a planning inquiry

On the issue of clean air, action by Bristol City Council to reduce illegal air pollution levels in the city has been limited to foot-dragging with the proposed clean air zone postponed by one year

The Strike will take place on Friday, September 24. Young people are encouraged to walk out of education to join fellow strikers on College Green for 11am. Speakers have been arranged and a march will be led through the city centre. 

A Facebook event can be found here

Simultaneous protests will take place in Cardiff, Manchester, Oxford and Glasgow. 

Feature image: Christy Nunns (

Long range photo of many hundreds of people marching through Bristol. At their head, a banner bearing the words: "Skolstrejk For Klimatet" as per Greta Thunbergs School Strike for Climate.
Youth Strike 4 Climate marches through Bristol in February 2019. Image: Archie Richards.
Seven youth activists hold a banner saying "Skolstrejt For Klimatet" outside Weston-Super-Mare town hall. Two hold smoke bombs releasing blue smoke.
BYS4C protests at the Bristol Airport inquiry in Weston-Super-Mare. Image: Bob Edwards

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  1. So what happened ?
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