Touring Peace Symbol Brightens Bristol

A 5-metre-high “ban the bomb” symbol toured famous Bristol locations including the harbourside, Clifton Suspension Bridge, North Street and King Street over the weekend (July 31 to August 1). 

The stunt was organized by Bristol Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), who use the symbol as their logo, and XR Peace

Described by organizers as “Banksy-esque,” the tour aims to spread a message of peace prior to the four-day gathering planned by XR Peace this weekend.

The Peace Gathering is to feature workshops and talks on activism and will include two die-ins to mark the moments the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in World War II.

Bristol CND and XR Peace are calling on Bristol City Council to support an UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that would prohibit nuclear proliferation. The UK Government has so far refused to sign the Treaty. 

A petition asking the council to support the Treaty has been launched by Bristol CND.

Hannah Tweddell, chair of Bristol CND, said: ‘We are calling on Bristol City Council and Mayor Marvin Rees to support the historic UN Treaty to ban nuclear weapons by passing a motion in support of Nuclear Ban Communities joining cities including Manchester, Paris and Washington.’

Feature image: Luke Salaman.

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