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Show of Solidarity to Resist Eviction in St Paul’s

A crowd gathers behind Jeremy as he speaks with representatives of the Council. Image: James Ward.

A crowd of over 20 people gathered this morning, despite the rain, to resist the eviction of a couple from their home of over two years.

Mr Jeremy O. Blacker and his partner, who have been living in a tent on Princes Street, St Paul’s, were recently served an eviction notice by Bristol City Council to vacate the land.

News of the eviction was shared online by Bristol Housing Action Movement, who called for supporters to gather on Princes Street at 10am today (July 12). 

Several of those who came to support Jeremy are active in Bristol’s squatting scene and have faced multiple evictions themselves in recent months, most notably from premises on High Street.  

Shortly after 10am this morning, representatives of the Council and the Street Prevention team arrived and spoke with Jeremy. 

After discussion, the Street Prevention team announced that no eviction would take place. Jeremy was offered temporary housing but declined, saying he wanted to be left alone in his tent. 

The eviction was also attended by local Councillor Amirah Cole, who intervened on Jeremy’s behalf and later spoke at length with Jeremy and supporters.

Jeremy speaks with Cllr Amirah Cole. Image: James Ward.
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