Palestine Solidarity Campaign outside Sports Direct.

Quick Thinking Saves #BoycottPuma Demo

Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) gathered outside Sports Direct in Broadmead yesterday (July 10) as part of a national day of action against sports apparel brand Puma. 

The demo was billed as a joint event by Bristol PSC and Easton Cowgirls football team, with the latter scheduled to play football outside Sports Direct to draw in members of the public.

However, due to a planning error, the Cowgirls did not attend and Bristol PCS ran the demo alone. 

The day was saved by quick thinking from one demonstrator, who drew a large Palestinian flag in chalk on the ground outside Sports Direct and invited members of the public to sign their name and write a message of support. 

The flag proved popular, and many passers-by stopped to chat about Palestine as other members of PSC handed out flyers. 

Puma is under fire for its sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) which has made it a target for previous high profile campaigns, notably by the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement. 

Puma is the only international sponsor of the IFA and critics accuse the company of being complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Long-time rival Adidas ended their sponsorship of the IFA in 2018. 

A Palestinian flag drawn in chalk on the pavement.
The chalk flag that saved the day. Image: James Ward.

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