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Bristol Activists in London to Protest Science Museum Shell Sponsorship

5 greenwash busters surround a Shell executive with a grumpy face.

Image credit: Richard Baxter

Members of the Bristol-based activist group the Evergreens led a creative action at the London Science Museum on Wednesday, May 19.

The action targeted oil giant Shell’s sponsorship of the new Our Future Planet exhibition at the Museum, which the Evergreens claim is an attempt by Shell to “greenwash” their polluting operations. 

In a statement, Mary Collett, an Evergreen’s spokesperson said ‘as far back as 1984, Shell’s own research showed that it was responsible for 4 per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. 

‘Shell has gone to great lengths to cover this information up, yet they are making themselves look like a company that cares through the sponsorship of the arts and sport. We have seen similar greenwashing techniques in the past from the tobacco industry.

‘It is totally disingenuous and must be stopped immediately.’

Dr Diana Warner, retired GP and Evergreens member added. ‘the Science Museum is betraying young scientists and all young people when it accepts Shell’s money.’  

To bring attention to Shell’s greenwashing, Evergreens, an affinity group composed of XR members and Green Party members, dressed up as “greenwash busters” and performed a choreographed dance to the Ghostbusters theme song outside the museum. 

The performance was part of a wider action by Extinction Rebellion Scientists who are also holding the Science Museum to account for its sponsorship deal with Shell. 

According to a press release from XR Scientists, a number of scientists locked on to exhibits inside the Museum on Wednesday, whilst others held an ‘alternative exhibition’ outside, explaining to visitors what was going on. 

XR Scientists are asking that the Science Museum cut all ties with fossil fuel companies. 

Feature image credit: Richard Baxter.

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