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Reverend Arrested at December MoD Blockade Stands Trial

Reverend Sue Parfitt, 79, attended Bristol Magistrates Court yesterday (April 16th) on a charge of obstructing the highway. 

Outside the courthouse, Rev’d Sue said ‘I am a law-abiding citizen’ but ‘civil disobedience is required to ‘flag up the enormity of the [climate and ecological] emergency.’

She was supported at the courthouse by a crowd of around 20 people from XR Peace and Christian Climate Action – groups of which Rev’d Sue is an active member. 

The Rev’d was arrested in December 2020 as part of a joint action between XR Bristol, XR Peace and Christian Climate Action at which the groups blockaded the Military of Defence site at Abbeywood, Filton. 

This is not the first time the Rev’d has been in court for climate activism. In March this year, Rev’d Sue was in the dock after being arrested at Extinction Rebellion’s October uprising in London. At this trial, Sue “glued-on” whilst in the dock, resulting in a charge of contempt of court.

Friday’s trial was not concluded and a new date has been set for June 30th.

Supporters for Reverend Sue outside Bristol Magistrates Court.
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